St. Elizabeth’s Day 2022

The following remarks are extracted from Jeff Cranford’s presentation speech recognizing Sarah Cosman as the recipient of the 2022 St. Elizabeth’s community service award:

Today we celebrate Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, our patron saint.  Born into wealth, Elizabeth of Hungary would marry a noble, be widowed at an early age, and then scandalize the ruling class around her, spending herself broke to help those who needed her money more than she thought she did.

We give this award to recognize someone who has given substantially to our community at large. Several years ago, we had a Deacon here who talked about what he called “the Ministry of Presence.” Deacon Bruce’s idea was eloquently simple. Things often get better by the simple act of showing up; by simply doing what needs to be done. We made that idea a part of our slogan here at Saint Es – we say, “it’s better when you’re here.”

Which brings us to Sarah Cosman: Teacher. Cheer Coach, Election Worker, Anchor of our Fourth of July booth, Altar Guild.  Many years, many roles.  This is Sarah Cosman, showing up, doing the work, making things better by the simple act of being present.

There’s a great word in a great hymn – ‘’Constancy’’ – we don’t use it enough; “the quality of being faithful and dependable.”  Synonyms include fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty, trueness, commitment, dedication, devotion, dependability, reliability, trustworthiness, steadfastness, and resolution.

Again – it’s Sarah; faithfulness. commitment. dedication, and dependability. We are thrilled to give this award, and to take the time and celebrate Sarah, who honors us, and all of Wilmington, with her ministry of presence.

Thank you, Sarah, for all the ways you “make it better.”