Worship at St. Elizabeth’s has been described as seriously casual or maybe casually serious.  We generally have the Eucharist at our main service, with an occasional Sunday set aside for Morning Prayer, and all are welcome to participate as they wish, including receiving Communion. We follow the established practices of the Episcopal Church and care deeply about what we do during each liturgy, but we aren’t formal, especially with one another.  The typical St. Elizabeth’s service will feature liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer and music from Hymnal 1982 and Lift Every Voice and Sing- performed with attention, but not fuss.

Our services also tend to include laughter, conversation (the Peace has been known to run a bit long) and a genuine sharing of concerns and blessings. When we say, “come as you are”, we really mean it. We’d much rather see you in your muddy work clothes than not at all; we’d rather have participation than perfection in the liturgy and we’d rather have kids than quiet in the pews.