Annual Meeting 2024

We successfully completed our Annual Meeting for 2024. We thank everyone for their attendance and feedback, as well as those who prepared the Basement Hall.

Copies of the Annual Report can be requested by email. Please indicate if you would prefer a PDF or paper copy.

Our 2024 Officers and Vestry members:

  • Co-warden – Melanie Sinclair
  • Co-warden – Karen MacPherson
  • Treasurer – Pat Fregeau
  • Asst. Treasurer – Per Allegretto
  • Clerk – Jeff Cranford
  • Pat DesJardins (vestry)
  • Lydia Fardy (vestry)
  • Joanna Sullivan (vestry)
  • Janice Hogan

Our 2023 reps for the Deanery and Convention:

  • Deanery – Brenda MacPherson
  • Diocesan Convention – Karen MacPerson
  • Diocesan Convention – Tom Kilburn