4th of July Booth – Another Success

Here’s an edited summary from Pat F. on our 4th of July fundraising booth.

I know that everyone wants to know how we did over the Fourth at the booth.  First, I want to thank EVERYONE for the help and supplies, without which this could not have been as successful as it was.  I will not mention names because…I will inadvertently forget someone and I don’t want to do that. It was very difficult to guess how many people/customers were going to be there…Every time I needed more supplies some one was there to help, and when asked for receipts, the answer was, “Donation”…

On Sunday, we ran out of everything, strawberries, yogurt, salad, cups.  We started to make pure blueberry smoothies until we had only one case of blueberries left when the fireworks started. The chicken skewers were a big hit. 

And we ended up making our biggest profit since 2016! We also used a donated Venmo account that was very useful and eased the handling of cash. We may want to look into getting an account for the church.

So Again thank you EVERYONE for a very successful 4th of July Celebration.