A church of contrasts, and of balance.

Saint Elizabeth’s is both a young church, and a church with a long history. From our beginnings as the Forest Street Congregational Church in 1928, through our renewal, in 1981, as Saint Elizabeth’s Episcopal Chapel, and to our current incarnation, we blend an appreciation for the traditional with a leaning toward the new. It’s a unique mix. 

We are a part of the community around us; we claim to be the Episcopal Church of “Wilmington, Tewsksbury, and beyond!” Through our outreach efforts, through our fundraising efforts, through our commitment to our youth, and to our unique ministries, (where else can you get either a goose or a motorcycle blessed?) we bring our church out where the people are. 

At the same time, while we believe we are part of a larger whole, we are proud of our fierce independent streak. More contrasts; our worship has been described as seriously casual (and you should see how we balance that one!) We sing, and pray, out loud. We combine a respect for, and reliance on, the Book of Common Prayer, with a desire to find new ways to worship. Our worship services somehow contain both reverence and levity. We say Alleluia every chance we get, and we join together, as a church family, to make our worship, our music, and our prayer happen. 

We say come as you are, and be who you are, and we mean it! We are ferociously hospitable. Everyone is welcome at Saint E’s, and everyone is welcome at the Lords table. This is a place where you’re needed; a place where it’s OK to try, and fail; a place where everyone steps up. Everyone belongs here, as part of a loving family. And, like a family, we don’t miss many chances to share a meal, and we love to cook, and to eat! 

This is the style of Saint Elizabeth’s; in this context, we pray (and play) together, teach our children, help people, try to learn what God wants for us. And we invite you to join us, in that spirit, because we believe that it’s better, when you’re here!.